Radio Ruby mainly consists of volunteers who work every day to give the best of themselves.
This radio station does not receive any sponsorship subsidies yet. It is maintained only by private means.
We want to serve our artists and listeners without making any profit ourselves. Radio Ruby is mainly for Flemish and Dutch people abroad and within.

Added value

Radio Ruby offers you music via webstream
The intention of the founders is clear: they want to play various music that does not affect your hearing.
Screaming music is avoided.

The stream is set at a minimum of 128kbps to ensure quality.

Since June 13, 2018 we can be listened to via your stereo chain that is equipped with a web function (As shown opposite). These web radios are for sale from 83 euros at your local electrical store.
You can also listen to Radio Ruby via your Smartphone: free download from Google Play Store. We believe that webstream listening will become the trend, one that will take DAB + to the crown. This option is much more democratic than DAB + for the music stations.
The manufacturers are already developing to install web radios in future cars.
G4 internet subscriptions will drop sharply, which will promote the use of smartphones and web radios.
It is already possible to purchase separate subscriptions from various telecom operators that only serve for 4G internet, which reduces the price.

Since we stream international programs, we pay the copyrights to Socan through our Broadcast service Toronto cast. We have therefore undertaken not to publish any advertising. If this should change, we will take the appropriate steps to regularize ourselves.n.